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The newest novel of suspense from the bestselling author of
The Prettiest One, Shady Cross, Brothers and Bones, and more . . .


"Wonderfully fast-paced and suspenseful! Hooked me from the first page. I'd recommend to anyone who likes nice, twisty suspense novels."

    —  Jennifer Jaynes, USA Today bestselling author of Never Smile at Strangers


Aspiring crime novelist Jason Swike awakens chained to the wall of a rundown stable, the captive of an infamous serial killer.  Though he manages to escape, he soon realizes he's far from free . . .

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A Blood Thing
The Inside Dark
The Prettiest One
Shady Cross
Brothers and Bones
Jack of Spades

About the Author 

James Hankins 

James Hankins is the author of five Amazon #1 bestsellers (The Prettiest One, Shady Cross, Brothers and Bones, Jack of Spades, and Drawn). For a while, he wrote screenplays, then detoured into practicing law before turning to writing fiction.


He lives north of Boston with his wife and sons, who keep him happy and even allow him time to write. 

His sixth novel, The Inside Dark, was released July 11, 2017.  

Each of James's first five books spent time in the Kindle Top 100, with The Prettiest One reaching the #1 spot across all categories in the Kindle Store.
In addition, Shady Cross received a coveted starred review from Publishers Weekly, while Brothers and Bones earned one from Kirkus Reviews and was named to its list of "Best Books of 2013." 


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