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A Blood Thing
by James Hankins

            June Issue 


By Dawn Ius


Politics has never been a theme in James Hankins’ books before—but it felt right for A BLOOD THING, a frightening new thriller that explores the lengths people will go to protect the ones they love.

“In my own lifetime, I don’t recall a time of greater political unrest,” Hankins says. “It pervades each of our daily lives, it seems, and writing a book with a political component no doubt made me even more acutely aware of it than I might otherwise have been.”

That didn’t stop the words from flowing, though,

A BLOOD THING is the story of a governor who is blackmailed into pardoning a prisoner in order to save his family. And while there are brief mentions now and then of the character’s political agenda—which touches on issues like gun control, racketeering laws, and drug policy—the conflicts don’t mirror what’s going on in today’s political climate, allowing Hankins to “stay in my writer’s bubble and write without feeling the need to reflect or comment on the political issues of the day.”

Hankins took some time away from his upcoming release day planning to answer some questions for The Big Thrill. 

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A Blood Thing - A Thriller Coming June 5, 2018



June 5, 2018

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James Hankins Books l Author of Mysteries, Suspense, and Thillers

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James Hankins 


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The Big Trill ABT

Holly Smith is editor-in-chief of the Independent. Her four children will forever be her excuse for not writing more.

The novelist talks family bonds,

outlines, and balancing work and kids.



By Holly Smith 


Q: Your new novel, A Blood Thing, starts with the governor of Vermont being blackmailed into pardoning a felon. Unfortunately, the pardon backfires and makes the governor’s situation worse. Might there be a lesson in there somewhere for our current president, or is that wishful thinking?  


James:  Well, I’m not sure what the odds are that the president will be reading my book, but it certainly wasn’t meant to be a lesson for him! I originally conceived of the story more than two years ago, so if there’s any reflection at all on current political issues, it is purely coincidental. The seed of the story for me was the question of the extent to which an ethical person — someone whose integrity meant a great deal to him — would compromise his ethics to protect a loved one.


To make the ethical line more difficult for him to cross, I decided to make him a politician who had built his entire career on a reputation for honesty and integrity. So if he falls, he’ll fall hard and very publicly. And though I certainly didn’t plan for any parallels between my story and current events, I have to admit that as I worked on this book, I was a bit more attuned to the world of politics than I might otherwise have been.


Family ties — especially between brothers — are at the heart of A Blood Thing. What is it that makes the testing of these bonds so compelling to write about?


James: Family ties play a strong role in nearly all of my books to date, whether it be someone searching for a long-lost brother, a man pushing himself to his limits to protect his ex-wife and son from a killer, or even a small-time criminal seeking redemption for having walked out on his family years before. Family members are very often the people closest to us, the ones for whom we’re willing to make sacrifices we might not make for others. So I feel that family is a theme to which many of us can relate.


Personally, I have five siblings — three brothers and two sisters — as well as a wife and two sons. I have to wonder how far I would go for any of them if circumstances required me to test those limits. What lines would I cross? In A Blood Thing, two brothers and a sister go to great lengths — making personal and professional sacrifices — to protect their falsely accused youngest brother, who is 29 but suffered a debilitating traumatic brain injury when he was 7, and are also called upon to protect each other.

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James Hankins Books l Author of Mysteries, Suspense, and Thillers

Connect with Author
James Hankins 


A Blood Thing - A Thriller Coming June 5, 2018


Available Now

Washington Independent
Q&A Video Interview l TID

Video Interview 

USA Today’s bestselling author @James_Hankins_

answers reader questions about his riveting thriller,
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The Big Thrill TID

The Inside Dark
by James Hankins







Jennifer Jaynes is the USA Today bestselling author of the thrillers, Never Smile at Strangers, Ugly Young Thing, and Don’t Say a Word. Visit her website to learn more about her work:


Jennifer Jaynes Interview



Five days ago, aspiring crime novelist Jason Swike awoke chained to the wall of a run-down horse stable, convinced he would soon die at the hands of Crackerjack, the infamous serial killer who had terrorized the residents of Massachusetts for the past year—capturing and tormenting men, painting whimsical designs on their faces before shattering their bones and ending their lives. Just when death seems inevitable, Jason, with the help of another captive, manages to kill the madman and escape.


Hailed as a hero, Jason reaps the benefits of his newfound fame: a book deal, a possible reconciliation with his estranged wife, and reward money he can use to pay for his son’s costly medical treatments. But he soon realizes the nightmare that began in the deserted stable is far from over, as he is drawn into a twisted game where the darkest terror may not be the psychopath manipulating his every move, but what Jason may have to do to survive…


Author James Hankins recently discussed his latest novel, THE INSIDE DARK, with The Big Thrill:


What do you hope readers will take away from this book?


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Self-Published to Signed: Q&A With Author James Hankins











International Thriller Writers Inc represents professional authors from around the world. Learn more about them, their work, and the sources from which they draw their inspiration at the Official ITW Organization Website.


Bestselling Author James Hankins is a lawyer-turned-writer who cut his teeth writing screenplays in Hollywood before turning to novels. The switch proved to be a good move—after self-publishing three books, he was picked up by Thomas & Mercer in 2015. His books have earned him a #1 Amazon Bestseller ranking across all categories—impressive by any standards.


I was lucky enough to get an interview with him and capture his thoughts on the challenges of marketing his work, the pros and cons of writing in a coffee shop, and that werewolf rug in his office.


Here’s what he had to say . . .  


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Land of Books - The Prettiest One

Ognian Georgiev (author, journalist, TV commentator)  a sports journalist, who is working as an editor at the "Bulgaria Today" daily newspaper.  In May 2014 Ognian Georgiev released the English version of his book The White Prisoner: Galabin Boevski's secret story. 

James Hankins: The Prettiest One
Has an Intricate Plot

Interview with James Hankins,
Thriller Author 

Land of Books By Ognian Georgiev

We are proud to welcome at Land of Books bestselling writer James Hankins.  


– Tell us something . . .  about your main character Caitlin?  Is she close to someone from your real life?


– Caitlin is completely fictitious. She’s someone who is lost at the beginning of the book, both literally and figuratively, because she doesn’t know where she is or, more importantly, what happened to her during her missing seven months. The story becomes not only an investigation to discover what happened to her during that time but also a more personal journey for Caitlin as she learns about herself—about her past but also about the kind of person she believes she should be going forward.



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Fiona McVie Author Interview

Author Interviews 

Interview with James Hankins,
Thriller Author 

By Fiona McVie l AuthorsInterviews Blog

Fiona: Tell us your latest news?


James: I recently released a new suspense thriller, SHADY CROSS – about Stokes, a small-time con man, who comes across a dead body and a bag full of cash. As he dreams about all he can do with the money, a phone rings inside the bag and a little girl’s voice on the line says, “Daddy? Are you coming to get me? They say if you give them money they’ll let you take me home.” So now he has to decide whether to use the money to build a new life for himself or to save the life of a little girl he’s never met…because he can’t do both.


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Fiona McVie is the force behind authorsinterviews. Her blog’s simple tagline; My interviews with many authors;  the perfect mission statement. Since beginning the blog in May, 2013 Fiona has interviewed over 3,350 authors, and she promises many more to come.

Crafting Thriller LitJuice

James Hankins On Crafting the

Thriller Novel & Creating Suspense

Interview with James Hankins, Thriller Author 

Interviewer:  LitJuice (Kat) l  Book Reviews, Cool Reads, Literature and Books, Author Interviews, Self-Publishing


Q.  More people would probably write thrillers and mysteries if they knew how to create suspense. Do you think there are certain rules to be followed when creating suspense?   

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Interview with James Hankins, Thriller Author l The Scary Story 

Interviewer:  Lake Lopez, author of "Thorns in Dark Places "Horror Books 


With three books racing to the top of Amazon’s bestseller lists and an innovative supernatural thriller scaring the hell out of readers everywhere, you probably already know who James Hankins is. In fact you probably already own a copy of DRAWN. (If not – stop reading this and click here to make your Kindle happy. Check out the reviews. Read the preview. Get it. I’m not kidding.)


So I’m thrilled to have James here at The Scary Story to tell us a little about himself and his book, Drawn. 


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Lake Lopez writes horror stories that explore the darkest corners of the paranormal and its influence upon human nature. His goal in life is to scare everyone on Earth at least one time.


The Scary Story
Writers and Artists

Interview with
James Hankins

The next interview in our self-publishing series is with crime and thriller writer James Hankins — on how he went from would-be film-maker, to lawyer, to best-selling author.

What or who inspires you to write?


I’m driven by a desire to tell stories. Quite simply, I’m happy when I write and less so when I don’t. I’ve written stories and books since I was young but, after high school, I went to N.Y.U. film school with the idea that I’d tell my stories cinematically. When Hollywood didn’t throw its doors wide open for me, I turned to novels. And even though I practiced law for a few years, I never stopped writing. I’m thrilled now to be doing it for a living.


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James Hankins

The Writers’ & Artists’ Yearbook, part of Bloomsbury Publishing Plc, has become the authoritative resource for writers over the past 100 years. Bloomsbury Publishing Plc – Bloomsbury Publishing is a leading independent publishing house with companies in London, New York, Berlin, and Sydney.

You Read it Here First

You Read it Here First 

Interview with James Hankins, thriller author, 

Interviewer:  Christina Hamlett.  Conversations with today's authors. 


Federal prosecutor Charlie Beckman’s life has his existence turned upside down when a deranged homeless man calls him by a secret nickname, one known by only one other person in the world…Charlie’s brother, who went missing 13 years ago.


Such is the premise of James Hankins’ new suspense thriller, Brothers and Bones. Hankins recently took time from his busy schedule to chat about what it’s like to be a full-time writer and stay-at-home dad.


Q: Let’s start with what compelled you to make the transition from screenwriter and lawyer to working for yourself in the demanding role of “published author”.  


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