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Two years ago, the media called State Police 
John Spader a hero, dubbing him

"The Jack of Spades." 

Now a new serial killer is out there.


He wears the grinning mask of a wildly popular cartoon alien. He speaks in the character’s familiar, high-pitched robotic voice. He does so while terrorizing his victims.

With the body count rising and the public's fear growing, it's up to the
Jack of Spades to find the man beneath the mask and stop the killing.

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About Jack of Spades


Inspiration for


from the author 


I wrote JACK OF SPADES, and this isn't a review or a rating, but I thought readers might be interested to know how I came up with the idea for the book. It came to me in the middle of the night, when I woke up from a deep sleep.


Lying in the dark, this bizarre thought came to me: "What if when I open my eyes, someone is standing beside my bed with a knife? Someone famous. No, not merely famous but, in fact, someone loved my millions." The idea of such a strange, creepy occurrence kept me up all night —  not in fear of famous boogeymen appearing in my room, but with interest in the possibilities of a story there for me.


Soon I was writing JACK OF SPADES.

What Readers, Reviewers & Bloggers are Saying about JACK OF SPADES  



 — Cheryl S.  (Top 500 Amazon Reviewer /Vine) 

"Vivid imagery, in-depth character development, a protagonist with problems but well worth cheering for anyway." Read More 

 —  Don K.  (Top 500 Amazon Reviewer)

"This author can flat out write! Creepy, good thrills. Keep them coming!" Read More 




Just two years ago, the media turned Detective John Spader into a hero. 


He'd caught a twisted serial killer terrorizing Massachusetts, and the "Jack of Spades," as the media dubbed Spader, was born. But when the murderer walked free on a technicality--free to kill again--the public turned on Spader.


Now a new serial killer is on the loose. He wears the silly, gap-toothed, grinning mask of Galaxo, Starboy Avenger!--a cartoon alien of unparalleled popularity with children. With the aid of voice-changing technology in the mask, he speaks in the alien's cheerful, high-pitched, robotic vibrato, the same voice that delights millions of cartoon-watching kids every day. And he does all this while he maims, tortures, and murders his victims.


With the body count rising, and the public's fear growing, it's up to the Jack of Spades to find the man beneath the mask and stop the killing.


Tags:  Police Procedural, Fiction, Mystery, Suspense, Thriller 






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