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Four strangers. One shared destiny.
 A young life hanging by a thread. 

A lonely artist.

A half-blind agoraphobe.

An elderly widower.

A lost runaway.

Four total strangers, drawn by mysterious, frightening forces toward a single destination, with the life of an innocent boy at stake.

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About Drawn


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Terri Herman-Ponce (reviewer/blogger) 

“There are few books that make me shudder because the writing is that good and because the story is that chilling. Drawn is one of those books. . . . It’s a riveting treat that will steal your breath away and leave you speechless by the time you reach the end.”   Read More 




— Judith D. Collins  #JDCMustReadBooks (reviewer/blogger)
“[A]nother winner by Hankins! … DRAWN definitely draws you into this riveting and suspenseful (INTENSE) saga.”  Read More 



Inspiration for DRAWN 
by the Author


Drawn is creepy in places, and thrilling in places — it's meant to keep people turning the pages. Reviewers have compared the book favorably to works of Stephen King and Dean Koontz, which I wasn't trying for but which I find flattering. Really, though, I just hoped to write a good thriller.


This isn't a review or rating of the book, but I wrote DRAWN and thought it might be interesting to talk about how I came up with the premise for it.


The first kernel of an idea came when I was looking at old family photographs in an album. It was a picture from one of our family vacations. We were at an amusement park. I was probably 8 years old. Though I'd seen the picture many times before, I noticed for the first time a man in the background, seemingly looking at our camera — someone not with us — and I imagined how chilling it would be if I saw the same man in a picture in the background of a different picture, from a different vacation the following summer, and again, he was staring right at the camera.


And what if I turned a few more pages and saw that same guy, again staring right at me, from another place and time. What if this same guy was there all that time, in the backgrounds of all those photos and more, looking right at the camera, and we never noticed him? 

Thinking about a possible story for me, I changed photographs to paintings, then I changed the man to a boy because, well, kids can be creepy. Remember "Children of the Corn?" Anyway, I added other characters and a lot more story, but that's how DRAWN began.


A mysterious little boy has begun appearing in the paintings of a New York City artist who can’t remember ever actually seeing him. A partially blind, disfigured agoraphobic who suffers crippling panic attacks if he even tries to leave his apartment is forced out by an unseen entity.


A lonely widower begins to suffer terrifying nightmares that his long-missing son is still alive…and in mortal danger. A young runaway realizes that a man he thought was his traveling companion is actually his captor. 


The lives of four very different people, driven by different but very powerful forces, crash together as they fight to solve their individual mysteries, to defeat a brutal enemy, and to save the life of an innocent boy.

Tags:  Ghosts, Suspense, Mystery, Fiction, Horror, Supernatural, Paranormal, Fantasy  


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